When Were the Niagara Falls Formed?

Since their formation 10,000 years ago, the Niagara Falls have eaten their way seven miles upstream.

If they continue at that rate, they will disappear into Lake Erie in 22,800 years.

The spoon as we know it today, with its spatulate handle, dates from only the 18th century.

Barnum's Biggest Star

In 1882, Jumbo, the largest elephant ever seen in captivity, was sold by the London Zoo to P.T. Barnum.

A loud cry of protest immediately arose from the elephant's English admirers, who included Queen Victoria in their numbers.

But the protest was to no avail, the elephant sailed to America with a deluge of gifts sent by his English friends.

The gargantuan pachyderm, to which we owe the term "jumbo", was part of Barnum's circus until the elephant was killed by an express train in Canada in 1885.

Glass, though it feels hard enough to be called a solid, is actually a liquid.

If left standing in one position, the particles that make up glass will flow downward.

Since the 19th century, the Tour d'Argent, the oldest restaurant in Paris, has given a memento ticket to every diner who orders the specialty of the house, canard rouennais.

The name and number of the guest is entered in a visitors' book, a unique record which has now reached six figures.

Ticket number 112,151 went to President Franklin D. Roosevelt; 203,728 to Marlene Dietrich; and 253,652 to Charlie Chaplin.

Source: http://amazingfactsworld.com/what-does-the-word-restaurant-mean-in-french-and-how-did-the-word-for-dining-room-originate